Advertising Is the Key Element of Promotional Mix

Business world depend on several promotional methods to grow their business which is referred to as the promotional mix. The term is commonly used for combination of methods in brand, product, service, or group of products promotions. Advertising has significant role and substantial contribution in promotional mix. The advertising is backbone of promotional mix and also has power to influence other elements of promotional mix. No marketing program or campaign is complete without advertising. Thus, advertising is an essential element of promotional program and comprehensive marketing. The promotional mix includes variety of tools such as advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, sales promotion, brand entertainment, public relations, sponsorships, and event marketing. But every tool has some relation with advertising.

Purpose of advertising

Advertising is used to convey the actual message to consumers. The consumers may not be familiar with the brand and its utility in their life, but communicative advertisement helps to create brand awareness which is needed by the consumers before they think of using some brand. Everything depends on the advertisement layout and design that is used in 広告制作. A simple advertisement may sometimes be very appealing and could do a great job which a complex advertisement may not do. The purpose of advertisement is to convey the actual message about the brand and not just to show attractive visuals to the public. The potential consumers always try to find useful information in the advertisement. No doubt, advertisement should include eye-catching graphics but with the message in text or graphic to penetrate in the mind of consumers.

Advertising objective

You can use different tools for advertising like a flyer or チラシデザイン but your objective should be to create awareness through informative message about the brand. パッケージデザイン is one of the best ways for informative message on the product package itself which is more effective in generating sales.


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