Best times to go for Umrah

Umrah, after Hajj, is the second most sought-after a journey for Muslim in the entire world. This entire journey to Umrah has a very special place in the lives and religious contexts of the Islam followers. Though all around the year there is a never-ending rush to visit Umrah, one can always find the best time to visit and offer their prayers to Umrah. If you are keen to know when you should leave for Umrah, then we are sharing some of the best tips about the best times to leave for the sacred journey.

Best months to visit Umrah

Yes, one can go Umrah any time of the year, but there is always a certain and special time when the effects of your prayer will show the best results. As the journey is not about having fun and is focussed to offer prayer with a pure heart and achieving the blessing of Lord, you must be certain of the high time when the Lord will hear you.


After Hajj, with the beginning of new season, months of April, May, and December are the best time to offer your prayers, but while you are planning your tour, make sure to look out for the Umrah Packages in advance as the Saudi administration closes the umrah visas before 15 days to Hajj to make the preparation.

How to reach Umrah at the best time of the year

As the place receives devotees all around the year, it is advisable to do your booking prior to reach Umrah at the right time. There are many sites that offer umrah along with hajj packages that can help you finally set out for your sacred journey. If you are planning to visit in the months of April, May, and December then book your tickets 6 to 8 months in prior.

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