Dedicated Servers – Introduction and its Benefits

Dedicated servers are also denoted as dedicated hosting service or managed hosting service. This is a type of internet hosting, which enables the client to operate the entire server without sharing it with anyone else. Dedicated servers are solely controlled by one client only and thus is better than shared hosting. The client has complete rights to include items of his choice for operating system, hardware, etc.

Complex managed hosting is another level of dedicated servers.  This implies both physical, hybrid and virtual servers. The main difference between standard and complex managed hosting is attributed to the level of administrative and engineering support. This depends on both the size and complexity of the infrastructure arrangement. The dedicated hosting server system is often used in data centers providing redundant power and also HVAC systems.

dedicated servers

The service provider such as Intergrid only steps into to take over the management which includes security, memory, storage and IT support as well. Intergrid is the dedicated servers provider with instant setup facility. The network provided by the company is fast and resilient, interconnected between 5 cities in Australia and New Zealand. The company is reliable and provides 24/7 support to its customers. All the dedicated servers provided by the company are backed up by 100% network uptime SLA. Another advantage of the dedicated servers provided by Intergrid is that the servers are included with advanced IPMI management, which includes power control and KVM console too so that the customer will never lose the access again. The Intergrid network protects the servers from malicious attacks with DDoS mitigation an automated system and provides detailed audit reports to its customers. Intergrid provides the customer with more than 50 operating systems to work with.

Thus, using a dedicated hosting service will offer multiple benefits of high-security performance with full control, and email stability to the customer.


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