E-cigars – Much more than a Cigar

Smoking kills you. Everyone is aware about this fact, yet millions and billions around the world smokes and the population still continues to grow. Nicotine addictions not only perpetuates the individuals appeal to smoke rather it sets a strong mindset not to quit whatever happens! Herbert Gilbert in 1963 with an intention of helping the smokers reduce or quit the habit of smoking designed smokeless non tobacco cigarettes.

Since its introduction, the e-cigarette popularity continued to grow far and wide aiding millions of people reduce smoking. E-cigaret land is a real delight to e-cigaretter to have amazing pleasure with wide variant of flavors. It is a number one destination for all vapes, e-vaeske, mods and few other stuffs.

Advantages of Electronic cigarette

No more smoke – Electronic cigarettes are battery powered device that convert nicotine which is in the liquid form into mist or vapor. Vapor is produced when the liquid nicotine is heated and the e-cigaretter inhales this mist. During this process, the e-cigaretters could realize the complete absence of smoke. So, you can enjoy it anywhere without complaints from others. In addition, there will be no residue or stinky smell on your clothes.

Wide variant of flavors – In addition to nicotine and menthol, e-cigarette comes in wide range of flavors that suits the choice and taste of every individual like fruits flavors, candy flavors, desserts and many more. Teens can sit back and relax with these amazing flavors.

Affordable and easily available – E-cigars are much cheaper than the conventional tobacco cigars. Perhaps, a gateway to new and inexperienced vapers and a perfect solution to the smokers who want to quit smoking.


It is a well-known fact that e-cigarettes does not produce second hand emissions. Having considerable advantages, e-cigars are indeed much more than tobacco cigars!

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