Examinations are Stressful but Improve Learning

Life has become so complex that examinations have come to play an important part in the students’ academic life. Most of them have a perception that, exams are the best option to test the student abilities, so it cannot be neglected during any stage of their educational life. Without conducting the exams, it is often impossible to evaluate and analyze the kid’s concentration and understanding of the topics.

Are exams stressful to students?

 However examination pressure is immensely high in Asian countries especially the Malaysian students are more stressed when it comes to exams. They feel jitters ahead of the exams and take up the exams with less confidence and more shivers. So when they fail in the exams, they become devastated and don’t possess courage to discuss the examination results to their parents. It becomes a turmoil situation in the student life. So they start doing exam cheats and ugly tricks to hide the results from their parents.

Apparently, the Student Examination Analysis System http://saps.net.my, a web based program developed by the ministry of Malaysia to help the parents to monitor the results of the students. This also enable the parents to have a better participation and interest in school.

Saps helps Parents to identify children skills

Parents are key players in the development of child character, confidence and responsibility when it comes both to personal and academic lives. Kids perform well in academics when parents are indulged in their educational lives. Student Examination Analysis System, Saps helps the parents to monitor not only their examination results as well as their academic performance.


Although exams are stressful, yet the examination program aims to provide balanced, fair view evaluation of every single student. The results provides excellent opportunities for the students in varied context and help them shine as a better person in life.

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