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A player who wants to evolve their dragons properly so that they grow into strong fully grown dragons and wins fights for the master during battles must supply the babies with proper food during its growing years. But for this purpose, one needs to have sufficient quantity of coins and gems. People cannot achieve that perfection with a limited amount of these coins and gems in possession. At this point, Facebook decided to help these users by providing them extra benefits on performing a particular task. These players had to send an invitation to their friends to play this Dragon city game on Facebook. Each invitation on Facebook would fetch these players a good amount of benefits in the form of coins and gems.

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Websites started getting launched that provided people with coins and gems for free and also several other gifts that when involved in the game would speed up the game. These websites solved the desperate need to coins and gems among players. They normally use hacking tools to do so. One who is in need or who wants to collect information regarding the game can do so over the internet and find more info available about dragon city at These websites providing hacking tools to assist users to gain coins and extra gifts eventually lead to the growth in the number of players. The game started getting popular and in no time people were addicted to it and also talk of the town in several places all over the world. The battlefield saw even more strong dragons as the tools of hacking resulted to be of great help to people in real need of coins and gems to breed their dragon babies to strong dragons that could help them win games. The username used by a player in the game is all one needs to access these websites.

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