How to Write an Essay That Marks the Level of Perfection

An essay is a write up that expresses the viewpoints, perspectives and arguments of the writer on a selected topic. It is directed towards giving the readers knowledge and information about the chosen topic. An essay starts by give an introduction of the topic. Then it rolls through different paragraphs to establish the arguments and ends up with a conclusion.

How to write an introduction:


The introduction to an essay is the most important part of the writing. It is so because it introduces the area to the reader for the first time. Therefore it should be convincing and logical. Apart from that, it should be short, exact and to the point because lengthy introductions generally diverts the readers. Most importantly, the introduction should be in accordance to the topic.

examples of essay

Let us understand this through some examples of essay:

If we are writing an essay about ‘Population explosion’, we need to introduce the topic by explaining the meaning of the term. After explaining, ‘population’ as the ratio of human in a given area and ‘explosion’ as excessive increase; we will elaborate. In the following paragraphs we will talk about the various causes and effects caused by it. Finally we will sum up our understandings in the conclusion.

On the other hand, if we are writing an essay on ‘Child trafficking’, we need to explain the concept first. Then we may talk about its adverse effects which largely affects the entire human civilization. Then comes the ‘rights’ and ‘freedom’ that we all need as human beings. We may conclude the essay by suggesting measures to control the situation, benefitting the society.

Writing a good essay is an art which we all desire to achieve.  There are various examples of essay online applications to help us in essay writing. We can take tips and information from them and write them in our own words.

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