Open Abaya Is Better Option Than Black Abaya

Fashion is priority of womenfolk belonging to any culture but some cultures deprive women of this priority due to their customs. You might have understood what this means. The main victims are women belonging to Islam religion. The proponents of Islam have dominated on their womenfolk since the time this religion came into existence long time back. The invalid restriction has been imposed on Muslim women to cover their whole body by wearing dress like burqa, niqab, or abaya. They are supposed to conceal their body parts from men not in their blood or marriage relation. The tradition of past is dominating modern world population also.

Why women are in favor of covering whole body

Some women feel that they are not bothered about hairstyle when they use headgear. They are not bothered to wear jewelry such as necklace, etc. Some women feel safe from the eyes of bully men who tease by looking a beautiful woman and sometimes follow them. The full body dress also offer protection from cold in winter season. It saves spoiling skin from sunstroke or ill-effects of UV radiations. It is an appropriate attire when you go to worship places.

Why women are against covering whole body

The fashion-conscious women think in opposite way. Women have no choice of fashion when their whole body is covered. In cases where women wear headgear, they can’t create their hairstyle and can’t show their exotic jewelry to anyone. The most awkward situation that some women point out is that they are subject of curiosity for men.

Why open abaya is better than black abaya

Abaya online are hot selling in the contemporary time and are good alternative to wearing regular Muslim women attire. This dress can be purchased on online stores also in many different colors, designs and style and is highly preferred by Muslim women because they don’t need to wear traditional black abaya all the time and wearing this open dress appears to be a fashion item.

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