Sexting, The Adverse for Teens, Needs A Ban

Technology is developing and so is the internet use. Smart phones have become usual devices in the recent time which has augmented use of apps for different purposes. The apps may be useful to some extent, but a few apps have a different purpose. People download them for fun but the app may find use in other activities which are adverse in some or other manner. One such name is snapchatting.


How sexting is promoted

Sexting is a result of snapchat and the snapchat websites such as have big role in the increased practice of sexting among teens population. Snapchat was launched with a different purpose, but it became a medium to promote sexting.

Effect of sexting on teens

Sexting is a serious issue because it may cause an adverse effect on the physical as well as mental behavior of the teen users.

  • Sexting can cause emotional and behavioral problem in the teens.
  • Sexting promotes sexual activities in the teens such as intimate kissing, genitals touching, oral sex, vaginal sex, and more such activities.
  • Sexting may cause teens to lose interest in their studies spoiling their future.
  • Sexting is one of the main causes of increase in the rape crimes, mostly in developed and developing countries.
  • Sexting creates misconception about sex among teens.
  • Sexting is responsible for most teen parenthoods such as teen pregnancies.

How to put curb on sexting

Sexting is a crucial issue and immediate steps are required to curb its prevalence in every part of the world. The use of smartphones by the teens is a major factor in promotion of the sexting practice. Smartphones use is increasing day by day and it has become an essential device for the life. Thus, it is difficult to stop its use among the present generation which is main user of the mobile phone apps. The need is to ban these apps which can be the appropriate solution to curb the sexting practice in the young generation.


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