The progress of gaming industry overtime


Technology and innovations around the globe have brought a lot of significant changes to a lot of industries around the globe. It goes without saying that due to technological progress a lot of industries have been created over the years. One such industry that is the birth child of technological advancement is the gaming industry. Only because technology has evolved so much in the past three decades, visual games were created that could be played on electronic devices. The gaming industry has evolved lot overtime and if you are a gamer then you must know how games have changed over the period of years.

We all have played those hand video games when we were no more than eight years old, those games which used to have absolutely no graphics at all. But even in the early nineties the gaming industry started to boom with games such as sonic and Dave that could be played on the personal computers. As the time progressed the level of games became better because the computers could have better graphics in them. People started playing games such as Need for speed and Grand Theft Auto. It took no time for Sony to come out with a Play Station and then for Microsoft to launch an Xbox. There have been so many great changes in the world of gaming.

Even mobile devices have games with great graphics such as Shadow Fight. Their popularity is so much that people are eager to hack shadow fight 3 and shadow fight hack 3 so that they can play the game even better. Motion sensor gaming and Virtual Reality are soon going to be the technologies that will become accessible to each and everyone and would take the gaming industry to a level they never imagined

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