Types of accountants

Accountants are invaluable to any business as well as the person who is very much skilled in tracking all the books and accounts of your business properly and correctly. They help you in examining and keeping the accounts properly.  The main job of the accountant is to control and design the account systems which are required for recording the various transactions during finance, trade, and business. So there are various types of the accountant which you will need which are described below.


Different categories of the accountant


  • Auditors: Auditing is quite an intensive study concerning the reports and records of the enterprise which are done by the accounting specialist. They help in ensuring that the firm is working efficiently and help to keep all the public record and their payment accurately and they make sure all the taxes are paid on time. They will analyze for communicating the financial information for various entities like the individual client’s companies or state Federal and local government.


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  • Forensic accountant: This is a unique area when it comes to the practice of accountancy that includes auditing, accounting, and investigative skills which are used for assisting the court during the legal matters. They are also known to be the forensic auditor or the investigative auditors. They help to investigate all the crimes of the white collar which includes the issues like embezzlement, bankruptcy, and security fraud.


  • Public accountant: They are the very general accountants who help in working for the accounting firm. Their daily task includes auditing, financial planning; tax Consulting, and providing the advice about the compensation and its benefits.


  • Tax professional: These professionals of the accountant are very much trained in taxation field. They help in representing all the appeal collection and the audits before Administrative level.


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