Understanding all about Hajj Pilgrim

The Hajj is amongst the five Muslim pillars. All Muslims must go for the Hajj pilgrim at least once in their lifetime.  It is believed that pilgrim to this place will wash away all the committed sins in the past. Many especially women in order to intensify their faith take “hijab” while returning from the pilgrimage.

In spite of being familiar about the physical challenges one has to face during Hajj there are many who prefer walking and some take support of the crutches and canes. The money for the pilgrimage comes from ones entire lifetime savings or sometimes sponsored by charitable foundations. Many people despite of overcoming their physical disabilities also head to the holy pilgrim to be deprived of all their sins.

First Day

The pilgrim usually begins as per the traditions. First one has to perform “umrah”. For cheap umrah packages you can browse online. To perform the same the people there take seven clock-wise rounds around Kaaba with reciting supplications.

Prior to heading for the final pilgrimage many visit the burial of Prophet Muhammad located in Medina.

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Second Day

After spending a night at Mina valley the pilgrims start heading to Mount Arafat 12 miles from Mecca.

Last Final Days

The last final days the following three events are marked:

  • A final round around Kaaba.
  • Casting Stones at Mina
  • Taking away the ihram.

Men also shave their hair as a symbol of renewal.

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