Why E-cigarette Is Advantageous Over Regular Cigarette

Nicotine craving is a common addiction for many people and it becomes so intense over time that a cigarette smoker can’t live without smoking. Everybody knows that nicotine smoking is injurious to health, but you are helpless when your feeling is so intense to avoid it. Smoke emanated from tobacco burning is one of the major causes of lung cancer and lungs damage. There is a way to go ahead with your craving for tobacco by reducing health risk due to harmful smoke released from tobacco burning in the cigarette.


Alternative to cigarette smoking

The solution is provided by an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette which is called e-cigaret in Danish language. Electronic cigarette is a handheld device uses e-juice that releases vapor instead of smoke and carries low health risk. There is an option for e-cigaretter to use either nicotine vapor or some other chemical such as glycerine, glycol or some other flavoring agent as its substitute. The purpose is to enjoy tobacco flavor with reduced health risk and that is possible without use of nicotine.

About E-cigaret

As discussed, this is the best alternative against tobacco smoking for smokers because of its advantages over cigarette smoking. The method of e-cigarette is based on heating of liquid, e-væske that releases aerosol, called vapor and that vapor without smoke is inhaled for taste and smell. This method is called vaping in common language. E-cigarette operates on battery and is thoroughly tested to be safe for its user. This is a good device for smoking enthusiasts that can make them free from smoking habits and is vastly used worldwide as substitute to smoking.

E-cigarette safety

It is explicit that e-cigarette is amply safe from the perspective of health, although not safe, because vapor released in vaping contains no carcinogenic substances, like tar and thousands of more as in regular smoking and it feels like a real cigarette.

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