Why is Food Considered Most Important for Healthy Life?

Food is the main fuel which is required for proper functioning of the body. There are some laws which are essential to deal with. Emagrecendo describes the food laws that are based on four principles: Amount, Harmony, Quality, and Adequacy.

Food Laws:

emagrecendo.info works on simplifying the entire concept of healthy living, where food is the main pillar and the rest pillars that are also important being physical activity and exercise, adequate sleep, and nutritional supplementation.

  • Law of Quantity: Food intake must fulfill an individual’s daily requirements. There should not be any excess or restriction in total nutrients or calories consumed. It is also recommended to fast once in a weekthat helps in balancing your diet plan if you have taken any cheat meal in the week.

  • Law of Quality: This refers to the quality of the required nutrients in the diet that you have consumed. Being healthy means you require all nutrients on your plate and it should be a balanced Only consuming calories is not enough, all other nutrients are also required in order to live healthily.
  • Law of Harmony: To form an equilibrium, ingested nutrients should be distributed evenly and proportionately. When the food is ingested through a balanced diet, then only our body will absorb all the required nutrients and use them. Hence, there should be harmony and balance among macronutrients and micronutrients.
  • Law of Adequacy: This law respects and deals with the individual’s life cycle, health condition, physiological status, eating habits, cultural status, and socio-economic status. For example, a bodybuilder’s requirement will be different from a pregnant woman. A sedentary worker’s requirement will be totally different from a heavy worker on a construction site.

Thus, with the help of these food laws, you can focus and maintain your life in a healthy way by getting sufficient food of good quality which is complete and balanced with all essential and required nutrients and which is a perfect fit for you as an individual.

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