World’s Best Ad Agency Working for the Top Brands of UK

“Johannes Leonardo” was launched by Jans Jacobs and Leo Premutico, in the year 2007 in New York. They are the chief creator in charge of the creative ad agency started their career in a company. London. Later decided to start their own ad agency individually, worked with the top sports retails and accessories company ending to high profile campaigns.

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In 2018 this ad agency is ranked among the world’s top five producing the ultimate innovative and distinctive ads organizing the best campaigns for the companies for marketing of their branded products.

The first achievement or award in their career

Jan Jacobs and Leo Premutico independently started their career with the detergent ad of “P&G”; it was one of the popular ads after which the pair is working together with all of the creative and exclusive advertisements. The small area of the ad agency is located in West New York, which remains the same as it started and still has no intention of shifting.

Adidas world’s biggest brands in sports, campaigns are supported by the Johannes Leonardo. The brand is popular and the organized creative ads with predefined ideas are a leverage benefit increasing the sale of UK market.

Johannes Leonardo’s campaigning for the top brands in the world

Jan Jacobs and Leo Premutico won the Cannes Grand Prix for the “Talking Stain” Tide detergent ad and then decided to open an ad agency with WPP is a shareholder of 49%,  Ferdinando Verderi is the creative partner of the ad agency and Bryan Yasko, the president. The company is awarded by the Google to maintain the long-term ad agency relationship. The company works with limited clients Adidas, Daffy and WYNC are few of their popular brands the company prepare campaigns.

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